Why bespoke?

In an age where everything is attainable instantly and cheaper than it ever was before, folks are learning again the value of artisan made products. Where windows are concerned, I see so many people who have lived for years with badly made, badly fitting soft furnishings from large, impersonal stores - we use our curtains and blinds every day, so why compromise on something so important?


Your home, your choice

With a bespoke curtain or blind, you can have your choice of fabric to exactly suit your tastes, decor and furniture. Because they are made to measure for each window, you'll maximise insulation which will save on your heating bills. If you choose to use blackout lining you'll sleep far better, disturbed by neither the street lights nor the icy tendrils of dawn. 

Handmade curtains hang better than machine made, and show no ugly stitches. This has the  benefit of letting far less light through the pinholes a needle makes. 




The 'Small Batch' approach

My curtains and blinds are made right here in London, but I also like to offer a range of fabrics designed and made in Britain, from more exclusive makers, meaning you can get a window treatment quite unlike almost any other.

When you engage my services, you are paying not only for a beautiful handmade window treatment, but a wealth of advice and consideration for what will be most suitable for your home. I don't make curtains and blinds in bulk, and each item may take many days to design and make, with much handsewing to make sure the fabric hangs in just the right way.







Spending money on a luxury, bespoke and handmade window treatment really does reap rewards for years to come. It will look beautiful and hang perfectly, as well as last longer, save you money on your bills and allow you to live better.